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what is microplastic contamination?

Microplastics are tiny pieces of plastic (smaller than a grain of sand), which can be found everywhere. Microplastics are contained in many cosmetic and non-cosmetic products, such as soaps, anti-aging products and even inside toothpaste! Many industries put them into their products to change their consistency. All these products, due to their small size, are not filtered in sewage treatment plants and end up right in our waters! Furthermore, the microplastics act as a sponge and absorb all the chemical agents that surround them, thus becoming very dangerous.

with Mobular.

Mobular is a Manta-robot, equipped with AI (artificial intelligence) and zero impact that, thanks to its solar panels arranged along the upper part of the back, manages to have energy necessary to "eat" the plastics and absorb any quantities of oil from the sea.

stop microplastic contamination.

thanks to a team of scientists, programmers, engineers and marine biologists we created the Mobular project.

stop food chain alteration.

microplastics ingested by the fauna modify the food chain and can end up in our dishes.

stop fishes diseases.

fishes get affected from diseases related to plastic and microplastic ingestion.

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